Troop 16 Unionville, VA    

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Troop 16 of Unionville, Virginia, Orange County serves young men grades 5 through 12 with the highest QUALITY program and fully trained, exemplary leadership. It meets the expectations of the BSA national for a distinctive scouting experience.

If you have a son who will benefit from participating in Boy Scouts of America, please consider Troop 16. Our leaders work with these young men to assist them on their way to becoming active, responsible citizens and leaders. Scouting is a boy lead adventure.

The troop meets 6:30 PM each Tuesday at Bethlehem UMC in Unionville durng the winter and in the spring/summer at the nearby Scout Ranch.  Guests and boys are welcome to visit. Boy Scouts is a coming of age program. BSA encourages outdoor skills, citizenship, and fellowship. It has no philosophy or intent to serve any other purpose.  BSA is a faith organization, but it does not adhere to any specific ordination or doctrine and encourages reverence. The Leadership link to the left provides contact information.

If you know of young man who could benefit from BSA, we are delighted to answer all questions. Scouting is a journey. Begin with a visit to the Troop's Tuesday meeting. A youth application is to the left under Forms. Explore the web site. We  believe in service.

Contact Unit Commissioner at for contact information on cub scouts or boy scouts in Orange County.

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Privacy: This site is intended for the sole purpose of keeping the scouts and families of Troop 16 informed of troop activities.